Wednesday, November 24

Kaffeehaus - San Mateo

I haven't blogged about a coffee establishment in a long time. In fact, let me take you back to my roots. My first review on this blog was a coffee house where I used study for my entrance exam. Now I'm back to studying and trying out new coffee shops. Welcome to Kaffeehaus in downtown San Mateo. A fine fancy coffee shop which also sells paninis, sandwiches, and other delicious looking light lunches.

I met up with Sherbear for our semi-annual meetup. She had the mocha choca latta ya ya...(this is code for I don't remember what she had).

I ordered the sea blossom tea at $2.25 for that glass. Overpriced, yes. But I'm so fed up with hot chocolate with soy if I see another hot chocolate on a non-school day, I'm gonna go crazy. The sea blossom tea is actually very good. Not a bad $2.25 spent. It's really light and tastes like a cross between a subtle Chrysanthemum and Jasmine. If I come here again, I'm ordering this tea.

Kaffeehaus is overpriced but is the perfect atmosphere for studying. Yes, you will have to feed the meter but at 25cents for 30 minutes, I've seen worse. The tables are large and well lit and quiet. The laptop outlet at our table was conveniently located except it was the only table with outlet that I could see. I recommend this place for people who need to study.

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