Sunday, November 28

Crabbing in Half Moon Bay

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was wonderful despite throwing up twice that morning...

I went with Phil and his family on a crabbing trip in Half Moon Bay. This was seriously something from Deadliest Catch. I get motion sickness very easily and knew this was going to make me sick but I couldn't let it stop me from enjoying the ocean so Phil and I took Dramamine 30 minutes before leaving dock. Apparently this wasn't enough because we both threw up, alot!
Oh happy times before sea sickness took over. Hanging out, hauling crab pots, steering the boat for a bit. Thanks to Captain Jack and his son John, and Phil's cousin who did all the work!

Back at the dock we unloaded our catch. Look at the table of coon shrimp!

Later that night, everything was steamed for dinner and we were ready to feast.

mmm the coon shrimp tasted sweet

Steamed crabs! yummy, sweet and fresh. We also had some steamed crab brains in a little side bowl. Andrew Zimmern would be so pleased.

His family gave me some to take home which my mom prepared in a different style.
First, the crab was chopped up

The edible crab brains were mixed in a bowl with fish sauce, salt, sugar, chopped garlic, and pepper. There may be more that I'm missing because she made it so fast.

The crab was sauteed and the mixture was added in a few minutes later and cooked until it was all coated.mmm this is the crab I grew up with.

Bestest seafood Thanksgiving ever! Big shout out to Phil's family for the experience and the crabs. Big thanks to the boat captain and his son. 


  1. mmm yummy indeed, especially that plate of coon shrimp! good thing crab is cheap now, so my family and i can get some without getting on a boat..but I do want to hop on one since i've always wanted to test how long i can stay on one without puking. :)

  2. dudes...that was what's missing from my thanksgiving dinner!!!

  3. @sherbear, no, don't test yourself. It's not worth it. Just take the medicine or the shot.

    @TP, mmm crab should be a standard for every Thanksgiving meal now



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