Sunday, May 23

Wild Jam Concert and Pho Y - San Jose

I interrupt this broadcast of New York goodies to take you back to San Jose, where Vietnamese people squat so low they might as well just sit down.

 Speaking of Vietnamese, Philipino and I went to our favorite pho place, Pho Y for a quick dinner before heading out to the Wild Jam Concert. Pictured above is Phil's #1, I think its the special with all different types of meat.

Here I am with my pho tai sach (beef and cow intestines-YUM! If it isn't a body part where things are put in, come out of, or are stored in, it isn't worth eating. Andrew Zimmern knows what I'm talking about.) Little bowl in the front is pickled onion slices with Sriracha sauce (also a Vietnamese staple except that we stole it from Thailand). If you're wondering why I chose a bad picture to display, it's because this is the only picture showcasing my new eye shadow.

 long line. long wait. lots of camera whoring.

 Phil in headlights.

A rip off of a beer. Guess which brand beer this is? $0 for the person who guesses right.

 Sold out. 

Jay Sean, you're from London, we get it, we get it.  He was good though. He sang his hits which I can't remember now and some other songs that I've never heard of. All performances were done in that there tight ass metallic jacket from the old Spice Girls closet.

Ke-dolla sign-Ha (Ke$ha). She wasn't too bad. Not great but not bad. Considering I came in expecting her to suck balls and already scheduling a bathroom break during her set, she wasn't as bad as expected. She performed some little known songs in the beginning of her set, songs that only teenage white girls knew.  But by the time she sang her radio hits, I was into it. For looking so sloppy and perpetually drunk, she actually hit all her marks and put alot of energy into her performance. Ke$ha gets two $$ from me! and also a fight broke out in the audience during her song and it was cool...

Trey Songz is a good singer but I came to realize how few of his songs I actually know. How did he become so hyped? It must be his inability to remain fully clothed - I hear this is a serious problem that requires medical attention.

 USHER ROCKED THE HOUSE! He's still got it. Hasn't lost it one bit. I knew all his songs. This guy is an incredible hit maker and you don't even realize it til he reminds you that he's kind of a big deal (oleezy beezy's quote). His backup dancers are hot. Asses were slapped, microphones were humped, girls were grinded upon, abs were revealed, etc...


  1. hi N,

    you know what?
    i really really really love vietnamese food.
    actually, my next post will likely go to pho!

    and, thank you so much for your kind words on my loss...which made me feel better.

    oh, i've never been to palm springs,
    but i'd love to visit there one day!

    have a great week!


  2. was it miller light? I want my $0!!!!



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