Thursday, May 20

New York 2010 - Prosperity Dumpling

In case you didn't get that, the title is supposed to be sung to this tune: Oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling Clementine...the joke is ruined because I had to explain it

I found this place on yelp during my research before we went to New York. I listed it as one of our must eats in Chinatown and I'm so glad we went here, TWICE!
Prosperity is a little hole in the wall dumpling shop with very limited seating and alot of delicious dumplings. Here is PL and VL waiting for seats and thinking of what to order.
Fast forward to less than 10 minutes later, we are seated, we have dumplings and a tub of soy milk (mmmm) and we're ready to go. 5 for $1 dumplings. wooohooo!!! Pictured above from the left is the boiled Chives and pork dumpling, the fried chives and pork dumplings, and a tub of $1 soy milk.
These are the two boiled dumplings. One has veggies and pork, one has chives and pork.
After finishing the dumplings, we moved out to the park to wait for thepetticoat5 to meet us for round 2 of dumplings. While sipping on my soy milk tub, I watched a riveting handball match between Skinny Asian Boys vs. Other. haha Guess who won?

I don't even have to say anything about Prosperity anymore. It is yum in my tum and I feel prosperous now having eaten some. Chinatown in NY is a whole different world from Chinatown in SF. SF Chinatown feels loud and noisy and touristy. Chinatown in NY made me feel like I was visiting a friend's neighborhood and watching the kids play handball. NY wins.

Prosperity Dumpling on Yelp

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  1. hi N, nice to see you're eating your way thru nyc! i definitely like chinatown and st. mark's, so many choices, yum :-)



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