Wednesday, May 26

New York 2010 - Kun Jip Korean Restaurant

Beware of the food porn.

Korean food shows up on this blog quite often. And not only do I love eating it, I love writing about it because there is usually so much food that it makes for awesome picture filled entries. I bring you Kun Jip in Koreatown in New York. I most definitely was not going to leave New York without trying something from K-town.
Blurry picture of the restaurant interior.

One portion of kalbi short ribs. It was brought out to me raw and the staff asked if it was ok for them to cook it in the back. My guess is because we were sitting at a table without a vent, therefore it wouldn't be wise to cook the beef myself. Well, either way, I don't care as long as delicious short ribs like this enter my stomach.

I was so full I barely touched this purple rice that came as a side to the beef. It tastes like regular rice but a little drier and came with two random lima beans? I hear getting this purple rice means the place is authentic.

Blurry picture of japchae silver noodles. This was really good, but I couldn't help remembering how I can get it for free at Han Sung as a side dish.

Philip-sshi looks really into mixing his bibimbap. I didn't get to try too much of this but you really can't go wrong with mixed rice.

And of course bibimbap usually comes with a side of spicy tofu soup. Fresh and bubbling hot.
Miscellaneous banchan (side dishes). Kimchi daikon cubes, kimchi napa cabbage, fried fish cakes, bean sprouts, brocolli, egg plant, shredded and seasoned green onion (especially yummy with the beef).

We didn't spend enough time in Korea Town for me to give a thorough review, but if most of the food is on par with Kun Jip, the neighborhood wins my vote. Bare in mind that I only have Han Sung in Santa Clara  or Mom's Tofu House in South San Francisco to compare but Kun Jip's food seems authentic and they offer more variety. The eggplant and shredded onion side dishes and the purple rice are things I have never been offered at a Korean restaurant before.

After eating at Kun Jip we went across the street to a Korean market which I did not get to photograph. The market was reminiscent of Vietnamese delis in San Jose, serving premade dinners or lunches, things you can take home and heat up. They also had snacks, drinks, and tubs of side dishes. If I wasn't on vacation and had a home and refridgerator to return to, I would have tried out some of the food.


  1. hey N! glad u liked Kun Jip, would u believe it's the 1 K-town place my bf & i go to? otherwise we prefer the korean in the east village or in the jersey communities. yumminess!

  2. Hi Jen! how awesome. I'm glad our host took us to all the right spots.

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