Wednesday, January 20

Eating a Chocolate Covered Cricket - San Luis Obispo

When I last left you, we were walking around Pismo Beach, which turned out to be kind of a dud. The walking and picture taking was short lived and we moved up to browse the shops along the beach. And that's when we found this little gem, HOTLIX. I like how the name could also have been used for a sex toy shop.

The front of the store had an open window, which reminded me alot of the lunch line in highschool. There was a crowd gathered round and we had to see what it was. Turns out, this is what Hotlix sold.

There were also chocolate covered earthworms. But I guess if I were to eat something nasty, I'd rather bite into something crunchy than soft and squishy.

Feeling a wave of inspiration from my hero, Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods (pictured below) I decided to try the chocolate covered cricket for only 25 cents!

Here's a video of the moment I ate it.

What does it taste like? Well, not like chicken. At first it tasted like chocolate but then like shing shang fish. I wish I could describe what this tastes like to people who don't eat dried, seasoned, headless fish snacks but this tasted just like shing shangs. Salty, crispy and delicious. But unlike shing shangs, the cricket wings and antennae don't go down easily so I had wing and antennae bits stuck in the back of my throat for a while. And I love shing shangs so yeah, I guess I liked the cricket.

Hotlix on Yelp

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