Saturday, January 16

Margie's Diner and Avila Beach - San Luis Obispo 2010

Margie's Diner is what you get when you don't do research before vacationing and go off the hotel concierge's recommendation. We had brunch at this diner right by our hotel. Literally a stone's throw away.

I bet this could feed a starving family of 5. By the by, there's a whole lot more scrambled eggs under those Paul Bunyan pancakes. It's your standard breakfast food. Nothing notable or impressive or particularly bad about it. Yet again, another place I won't remember.

Then off we went to the beaches. Ah, beaches, a first for this blog, but hopefully not the last.
At Avila Beach with these beaches, we did such activities like:

Posing as pirates

Walked down the long pier that extends into the ocean

Going underneath the pier to where we could almost touch the water

Learned how to fly

Went on the swings

At the infamous Pismo Beach, we walked along the beach, taking more pictures again.

So in conclusion, today we had brunch and took a walk.

P.S. Here's a teaser for the next entry.

Margie's Diner on Yelp
Avila Beach on Yelp
Pismo Beach on Yelp


  1. pismo beach... i remember that beach. looks like ya'll had just as much fun as we did.............. looking forward to the next post. chocolate turtles don't look too appetizing packaged on the meat tray.

  2. yeah, they'd be much better on a plate...

  3. love that picture with you guys peeking out from behind the piers. very nice



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