Wednesday, January 13

Sumo Sushi - San Luis Obispo

Excuse my short absence. I've been busy and also waiting for pictures from the SLO trip to trickle in. I know San Luis Obispo is not part of the Bay Area so maybe it shouldn't go in this blog, but you're gonna take what you can get and you're gonna like it!

The gang headed down the 101 S and after 3 short hours of driving, BAM! there we were in SLO at the Courtyard Marriott.

We arrived late for dinner so our dinner option was limited to (whatever-the-fuck-is-open) Sumo Sushi! You can tell the authenticity of an Asian restaurant when all of its patrons are not Asian, and Sumo Sushi was as authentic as the white kid who plays Goku in the Dragonball Z movie.

California Roll

Teriyaki chicken, salmon, veggies dinner combo

Red Red Roll, stay close to red roll you make me feel so fine...all of the time

Pokky Tuna (I swear, this is supposed to be spelled poke)

But to it's credit, the food wasn't bad. I've just had better. Of those dishes, the one I had was the pokky tuna. It comes with lettuce at every other restaurant except this one. The sauce was a bit oily but it wasn't bad. In general, I felt Sumo Sushi was bland and unimpressive. Not gonna remember this one.

Sumo Sushi on Yelp

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