Saturday, January 2

Mandala Lounge (Now called 38th Floor Bar) - San Mateo

In April 2015, the Spike TV show, Bar Rescue, featured the rebranding and remodeling of Mandala Lounge into 38th Floor Bar. You can see the episode here.
I SPENT NYE IN VEGAS!!! just kidding...I went to Mandala Lounge in San Mateo, not to be confused with Mandalay Bay in Vegas.

After Xanh Restaurant, we went to one of my favorite lounges for the countdown. In the Peninsula (San Mateo, San Bruno, Millbrae, etc), I prefer to go to Mandala Lounge for chill hang out nights. I'm a simple girl. I enjoy going out for drinks once in a while at bars and lounges, but I hate the fuss of large clubs especially in SF or downtown SJ. Basically, anywhere there is a crowd, you will not find me there.
One of the reasons I like Mandala Lounge is that I always find seating and get service at the bar in less than 10 minutes. It looks empty in this picture but about 10 minutes before countdown, larger groups started coming in so the place got pretty crowded. Also, parking is ample, like my bosoms...

Round 1: Widmer Hefwenweizen, again. And a yummy blue drink on the right. I asked the bartender to "please make me something tropical and fruity" and he came up with this drink and hasn't named it. I suggest he name it the Ngock Out. One sip will NGOCk you out!

Congressman Phil is back and he approves of this beer!

Round 2: Widmer Hef again. Fourth glass that day. Someone still has a favorite. And the most sour drink in the whole world, a Dragonfruit Mojito. I was being daring, it sounded interesting. You know, dragonfruit, yeah, in a mojito? NEVER AGAIN!

but let's still double fist this bitch!

"You're making me take this picture again? Woman, can't you ever be happy with anything?"

HAPPY 2010!

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