Monday, January 25

San Luis Obispo 2010 - Wolff Vineyards - Central Coast Brewing

Two things I looked forward to most from this trip turned out to be disappointing, in taste at least. We went to Wolff Vineyards which is one of Yelp's higher rated wineries in the area. Though the tasting and the picnic were enjoyable, the wines were not.

Chyeah, Costco picnic with our wine. Cheapest and best meal ever of the trip!

The fruit salad lasted til the next day.

Although the wines were disappointing, the scenery was fantastic and the service was great. The experience was memorable, despite the small ignorant racist comment we received from another wine taster, but you can't really fault the vineyard for that.

After wine tasting and our picnic lunch, we went to Central Coast Brewery for beer tasting, something I had never done before and was very excited to try.

Oh look, three blondes at the bar.

Phil sure likes blondes.

Espresso Porter beer.

"Funny" comments aside, these beers were no laughing matter. They were awful. We tasted about three beers each and they were all bad. Each of us tried something different on the menu so we could all have a taste. It was a unanimous opinion that Central Coast beers are not tasty. However, the espresso porter beer wasn't too bad. I would say it was the best of the worst. The worst of the worst was this India porter(?) beer. It was speechlessly gross. But the taste of Central Coast Brewery has not spurned me from beer tasting. The experience is quite unique. Unlike wine tasting, each beer is $1 for a glass the size you see in the pictures above. You can choose whichever beer to taste and are not obligated to taste an entire flight. I would definitely do this again except at a better brewery.

Wolff Vineyard on Yelp


  1. [check] funny but interestingly cool.

    I enjoy reading these posts of places that I'll never go to. Therefore, I must live my life through you... so sad.

  2. Thanks for inflating my check marks and making it seem like more than one person reads my blog.




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