Friday, July 29

Whole Foods Market Preview Opening - Santa Clara

The new Santa Clara Square complex has been much anticipated as I've driven by their construction site daily. This week, Whole Foods and a few other retailers had their grand opening to officially open the Square for business. The following photos and video are a blend of shots from my iPhone, Canon Powershot, and Whole Foods' promotional photos. They cover the media preview event and grand opening day which my husband went to.

Colin bear did not like Sourdough Sam, the Niners mascot, on opening day. But he did like the cheerleaders and getting Dwight Clark's autograph.

For a video version of this post, watch this Youtube video.

Poke by the pound and in-house smoked meats.

Bubbies Mochi from Hawaii

The swanky and spacious Tap Room using refurbished wood from the buildings that sat on this lot before.

Cider and champagne

Farm to table caviar - what does that mean?

Top Chef season 12 finalist, Melissa King, developed 8 new recipes for Whole Foods. Her items can be purchased at the hot bar and salad bar.

The oysters are $0.75 each in the Land & Sea section

You can buy Genji Sushi and Ramen for lunch at the hot food area.

As usual, lots of gluten free and vegan options in their bakery. And also this cool cupcake tower.

Sweet dreams are made of cheese.

A sample from their media preview offerings

Whole Foods Market
2732 Augustine Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054

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  1. looks like a great new WF! and Melissa King, yay.



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