Wednesday, July 27

Taste of Orleans - Great America - Santa Clara

Last weekend, we went to California's Great America's Taste of Orleans festival. This amusement park always brings back memories of my youth. It was the place to be back then and it still is. It's a nice place to go during summer break. Thanks to Great America for complimentary tickets to the park and for the food, I got to take my son here for the first time.

The Taste of Orleans Festival is only here 7/23-24 and again on 7/30-31. For food, you can buy each item at $6 per serving or $25 for a card that gets you all 6 dishes. Food stations are set up on the side of the park near the bumper cars and Pavilion. You line up at each station with your card and they mark each item you've received. The park is also decorated in New Orleans decorations, chalk drawings, jazz music, and street signs. The nights are capped off with fireworks. Here's a summary of our family's trip there.

Red beans and rice

Creole Meatballs - these are pretty sizable and juicy meatballs.

Bourbon House BBQ Chicken Wings - these were pretty good. A bit dry but the seasoning was nice.

Crawfish Etoufee on a hot dog - The crawfish was in the sauce on the hot dogs. A very filling dish.

New Orleans Beignets - the line for this was long as it was shared with the funnel cake station. The beignets were large and tasty. Beignets are always satisfying.

[Not pictured]
Chicken-Andouille Gumbo - a small cup that had a good kick to it and tasty sausage pieces

We took Colin on two rides that he was tall enough to ride. Check out our video below.

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