Tuesday, May 17

Hula Dog Hawaiian Style Hot Dogs + Giveaway - Santa Clara

Puka Dog is a popular hot dog eatery with multiple locations in Hawaii and has been featured on Travel Channel and Bon Appetit magazine. It's a hot dog in a closed bun with various island flavored sauces. They spun off a new franchise called Hula Dog with its first location in Santa Clara across the SCU campus. We had an introduction to island flavors in our first trip to Maui earlier this year and we eager to try the Hula Dogs after receiving an invitation for a complimentary meal.

The process is to choose your own bread for the bun. Options are taro, white, or wheat.
Choose your own sausage. Options are All beef, polish, or veggie.
Choose sauce, relish, and mustard flavors.
These relish jars are made by Hula Dog in Hawaii.

The bun is put on these spike toasters to warm up from the inside. It's not a split bun.

We tried half versions, or the Keiki ($3.25) of four different flavors. A full Hula Dog is $6.75
Left: White bread, Polish sausage, Chili pepper roasted garlic lemon sauce, Maui onion relish, Lilikoi mustard
Right: Wheat bread, All-beef sausage, Jalapeno roasted garlic lemon sauce, Maui onion relish, Lilikoi mustard
Fresh squeezed lemonade with strawberry syrup

In this Hula Dog, I had:
Wheat bread
Veggie sausage
Habanero roasted garlic lemon sauce
Maui onion relish
Lilikoi mustard

This one had:
Bacon taro bread
All beef sausage
Original roasted garlic lemon sauce
Coconut Relish
Lilikoi mustard

Hula Dog is a very unique take on hot dogs. There are so many flavors to choose from. At first it can be overwhelming but there are suggested combinations to choose from. I recommend the bacon taro bun (it has bacon pieces in it!). It's not very sweet as I thought it would be and hardly tastes like taro and it is softer. The Maui Onion relish is the best one. Any of the flavored sauces are good and they are not too spicy. I liked the All-beef sausage the best but the Polish sausage was good too. If you're afraid of making the wrong choice, you can ask for a sample of the sauces. Or you can buy the Keiki sized dogs and try different flavor combinations.

Hula Dog is sponsoring a $25 gift card raffle. You just need to follow their Instagram account @HulaDogSCU . Please fill in the widget below. Contest ends on 5/24. Good luck!

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