Wednesday, April 20

Try Caviar Delivery - Koja Kitchen - San Jose

Short rib koja
The very popular food truck turned restaurant Koja Kitchen is finally available through delivery service Caviar. Once again, Caviar hooked it up with some free credit for me to try Koja for the first time.

($12.75) Ahi Tuna Bowl - this is basically a poke bowl with white rice. There is a brown rice option too. There's seasoned ahi tuna chunks, crab mayo salad, wakame salad, wonton crisps, and salad on the side with its own vinaigrette. I liked this overall and I thought it was priced fairly. Poke bowls usually run around $13-$15 around here anyway.

The Ahi Tuna bowl came packaged like this. It can be eaten straight from the delivery box. I just staged it for a photo in a bowl.

Background: ($4.45) Braised Pork Taco - this was really good. The fattiness of the pork reminds me a little of kahlua pork even though they are very different. Good taco nonetheless.
Foreground: ($10.95) Short Rib Koja - Korean bbq short ribs with sweet katsu aioli in garlic rice buns. The buns are good, crispy, and has interesting texture. I've always been a fan of crispy rice from the bottom of the pot so this is right up my alley. I didn't taste any garlic though. Boo. 
The beef was totally delicious and went really well with the rice and seasoning. Big fan! The sandwich doesn't hold together as well but then you can just eat it with a fork like the deconstructed rice bowl that it is.

For a limited time only,
Enter code KOJASB for $5 off your order (Min $20)


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