Monday, January 11

Noodle Talk - Sunnyvale

Cold rainy days warrant hot noodle soup. Better if that soup is also spicy AF! I was in the mood for noodle soup the other week and was tired of the usual pho and ramen. I could use a ramen break after my last review of Myzen. I was actually craving QQ Noodle which is farish from me and remembered a random place I stumbled upon through Instagram. It was called Noodle Talk and then some Chinese characters after it. So let's talk noodles. All the menu descriptions were in Chinese so I'll do my best to guess all the ingredients.

($10.99) Spicy Beef Shank Noodle Soup - thinly sliced and overly cooked beef shank pieces. You don't get that many per bowl. Some tofu pieces, cilantro, thick noodles, and a spicy broth. This had two pepper symbols next to it on the menu which isn't even the max but I was struggling with the intensity. It hurts so good. I wish the beef shank slices

($4.99) Spicy pig ear - cut too thick to my liking but not so bad. Ive had better though.

($3.99) Tofu skin salad - these bean curd sheets with sliced red onions and chili oil were very addicting. I love cold salads like this. 

($8.99) Spicy ground pork with sour beans noodle soup - this one had three pepper symbols next to it and it was less spicy than the beef shank soup. The sour beans balanced out the spice and gave it more variety of flavor than just one note chili oil.

The restaurant is decently sized but the tables are squished close together giving it the feeling of dining at a smaller place. I'm not much of a fan of this type of food. I can handle spicy food but i prefer it to be layered with ither flavors such as sour, salty, or sweet. This was just spicy and it seemed like from one type of pepper or oil. I suggest passing on the beef shank noodles and getting te sour bean one along wit the variety of cold salads.

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