Wednesday, January 6

B*Star Bar - 2015 - San Francisco

B*Star Bar is worth writing about again. In early 2014, I had dinner here and it was an amazing place with amazing food. I still feel the same except this time I tried their brunch. Most things remained the same so I will just highlight the new dishes I tried.

($13.50) Tuna Don is seriously to die for. Seared ahi slices on garlic rice that is just so garlicky and good. In the far background of the picture is a blackish scoop of hijiki salad. It's a sea vegetable and it adds interesting texture and taste when all mixed up with the other ingredients in the dish. I highly recommend this.

($4.50) Lychee Mint Smoothie - Don't just get mimosas for brunch, venture out with this subtle lychee smoothie. Not too much mint flavor which is nice and a refreshing dose of lychee. 

($7.00) B Sprouts - I have not found Brussels sprouts this good yet. Must always order it.

Sherry got the tea leaf salad and veggie soup combo. The salad was delightfu as always. The soup seemed just ok.

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  1. Sounds an excellent day!
    You had really amazing food items over there.!!



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