Tuesday, May 6

International Culinary Center Campbell - Ferry Building Cook Off

In March, the students of the International Culinary Center in Campbell, the West Coast arm of the prestigious New York based culinary school, took a 7 day course in sustainability. 
The ICC was formerly the French Culinary Institute, where I had a great meal at their NYC location years ago. Notable alumni are David Chang, Wylie Dufresne, and Bobby Flay. I bet the South Bay didn't know it had such a prestigious culinary school in its midst. 

This year's students visited farms and food producers every day for that week and ended the 7th day at the Ferry Building Farmers Market to learn about sustainability from CUESA. Then the class broke up into 4 teams to compete in a cook off using farmers market ingredients. Samples were served to the public who then casted votes for their favorite dishes.

I had the pleasure of documenting their competition. Check out this video.

It is hard to see in the video but the beef heart that was being sliced went into some delicious banh mi bites.

The final product of the beef heart banh mi with pickled vegetables and edible mustard flower garnish.

One of the groups did not cook and instead chose high quality ingredients to let the flavors shine through. 

Another group chose to make the seasonal oranges into a compote on top of their dish.

During breaks, I got to try the Roli Roti porcetta sandwich at the farmers market with a side of blood orange juice which just tasted like orange juice. The sandwich was awesome!

After filming, I tried to pork belly and grits dish from Il Cane Rosso, a place from the 7x7 list. The crackling pork skin was so good and the peppers on top added a strong heat to the dish. All in all, a great day.

Learn more about the International Culinary Center in Campbell from their website here

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