Sunday, December 1

Thanksgiving 2013 + New Video up on the Youtube Channel

 Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break. It's okay to let the memories of heart warming food shared with family and friends linger a bit as we dip our toes back into reality. Here are my memories.

Brussells Sprouts with Pancetta

I made cranberry sauce from scratch for the first time without having ever tasted cranberry sauce from scratch made by anyone else anywhere else. It was tart.

 I mixed in a can of that high fructose corn syrup processed cranberry sauce that we all know and love. It helped a little. Cranberry sauce from scratch is probably one thing I don't need to deal with again next Thanksgiving.

Ngockers' plate

Make way for the diva

 A little game called Hallway Bowling.

A family friend caught a striped bass while fishing and gave it to my parents which my dad turned into this monstrous thing crusted with peanuts, stuffed with woodear mushrooms and glass noodles, roasted on a tray with shredded jicama.The things my dad makes are so far outside the box, the box is just a dot to him. And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Did anyone see my version of the Croque Madame I posted on Instagram? It's embarrassing. Why am I from this lineage?

The fish meat gets put into a spring roll and then its quite wonderful.

Cornish game hen lookin like a quadruple of hoes twerkin
 I made roasted cornish game hen for the first time without ever having eaten cornish game hen anywhere. Obviously did not learn my lesson from the cranberry sauce. It's basted with a soy sauce, lemon juice, garlic, and butter mixture. They just taste like chicken.

 Cornish game hen stuffing tastes like regular turkey stuffing


I spent my summer in a very creative way, preparing for the launch of my Youtube channel. I was intent on not vlogging and not showing myself eating food. I'm not sure what I'm going to put on my channel, so far it's been stuff like this. This footage of Santana Row was filmed before the Campbell Farmers Market, The Weekend shoe video, and the IKEA video.

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  1. Great video! I love Santana Row in the Summertime. Such a fun place to people watch. =]



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