Thursday, November 14

Sparrow Bar and Kitchen - Feijoa - Brunch at SP2

When I have a few pictures that do not constitute a full post, I do a photo diary post. This usually happens when I go to San Francisco because I'm always on a time crunch. So here we go, another photo diary of last weekend, featuring 2 brunches. Me and brunch, we coo.

Sparrow Bar and Kitchen
($10) Strawberry and mint lemonade soju cocktail - You can't taste any alcohol but it makes one tasty beverage. I highly suggest they offer this in a pitcher size - just for me. 

Btdubs, this is just a personal opinion and not an attack on anyone who uses mason jars but I hate mason jars as cups. I know they're the hottest DIY thing on Pinterest and all over the blogosphere, especially mason jars used to serve drinks. I imagine for every mason jar cup, there is a lonely cap laying in a bin in the kitchen. For every cap-less mason jar, there is a basket of fruit waiting to be jammed, or a bowl of dills waiting to be pickled. And here I am drinking out of a cap-less mason jar. Also, people specifically buy Ball Canning mason jars, when they could save up a bunch of old jars and re-purpose them. Instead, ordering a set of Ball Canning brand jars gives a uniform look rather than a hodge podge of old jam jars. So really, the point is not to re-purpose and help the environment, it is to follow a trend. Therefore, Ball Canning mason jars used as drinking cups annoy me. *steps off soap box*

($15) Bacon, corn and chive griddle cake with avocado, salsa fresca, and topped with a fried egg.
For the most part, this was a really good dish. A griddle cake made from grits can be too grainy and dry after a while. Everything else was top notch though.

We came at 1PM and there was no wait. Service was great, food was good, portions were decent. Price was per the usual SF brunch fare. The strawberry and mint lemonade is now one of my new favorite drinks.

JLe and I went to the Ferry Building Farmer's Market where she learned for the first time that Brussels sprouts grow on these stalks and I was able to purchase 2 things from my To-Eat List.

The first was sunchoke. This ginger-looking, potato-tasting, dirty knob first caught my attention at El Dorado Kitchen when I had it in a puree and roasted with fingerling potatoes in a bed underneath lobster tail. Sure, I can recreate that at home easily... Regardless, I'm excited to finally see sunchoke at the farmer's market and attempt to cook with it.

I also bought feijoas, a pineapple guava. Originally I thought these were part pineapple, part guava but it is actually an entirely other type of South American fruit. The texture is like guava, but tastes nothing like either fruits of its namesake. When it's ripening, the aroma is strong. Not bad but very strong. Not too sweet, just different. I am making an unofficial attempt to eat every fruit in the world. Feijoa, check!

On Sunday, my classmate celebrated his birthday at SP2 Communal Bar + Restaurant in San Jose.
Everyone drank bottomless mimosas while I had a cold to recover from. Being healthy is the ultimate buzz kill. (Notice the hydrangeas are stored in a Ball Canning mason jar.)

More eggs. It never really fails to have eggs benedict and crispy bacon in the morning. I forgot to put Tabasco sauce nipples on my jiggly egg boobs. *sad*

Dinner at the in-law's the other week.

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  1. Pineapple guava??? I'll try that sometime!

    1. It's interesting. Not the best fruit but everyone should try it at least once.

  2. great blog!! can't wait to follow along with another bay area blog! XO

    the well-traveled wife ♥

    1. Love your blog too. Stumbled upon it yesterday. Great photos!



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