Thursday, April 11

Smoking Pig BBQ Company - San Jose

Since I am working from home today, sick as a dog because my bedfellow has been an infectious fester pool of germs this week, I am going to churn out this review of Smoking Pig BBQ. Nifty sign, eh? It's a pig, and he's smoking. Genuis.

Smoking Pig BBQ is on the outskirts of downtown San Jose and is rumored to be the best BBQ place we have. San Jose has never been known for great BBQ of any sort so with that in mind, let's see what's good and what's not.

($7.95) Hot Link Sammy - served on a potato roll with cornbread and coleslaw. The hot links were spicy, tasty, and hearty. Overall a good hot link. But as you can see, this is a whole lot of sausages in one bite. tee hee. In all seriousness, this is too much meat with nothing else to balance. I would prefer this as a hot dog with relish, mustard, ketchup, and all the fixins.

($14.25) 2 meat combo of ribs and brisket with a cornbread muffin and mac and cheese. Phil especially liked the brisket here and I liked the ribs. They were quite soft and juicy. The mac and cheese was just alright. The cornbread was really good though. Look at all this meat and all I want is mo' cone-bread.

I forget what all these sauces are for but I remember the best one was on the far right, a honey mustard type sauce. The spiciest one was in the far left (Kansas hot hot?) and the middle was not memorable.

I'm not the best judge of barbeque or meat intense meals. I thought this was ok. The ribs and the corn bread were pretty good though. It is definitely one of the better barbeque places I've been to on the rare occasion I do venture out for BBQ. There was something else on the menu I wish I could have tried: the wolf turd. Yes. A wolf turd. It's a jalapeno stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon. We also wanted to try the potato grenade which is a baked potato with a wolf turd, mac and cheeseinside but the waitress said that would take 30-40 minutes. Boo. I haven't entirely ruled out Smoking Pig BBQ. I would give it a second chance and try other things. Maybe we just ordered a very lackluster set of items. It is a lot of food though so you will get full.


I'm Going to BlogHer Food '13

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