Sunday, March 31

Vitamin Squeeze Powder Water Enhancer

A typical school-free weekend consists of running on Saturday morning and playing tennis on Sunday morning. I am trying to reach the half marathon mark again even though I am not officially training for any race. The other week I ran 10 miles and I was super dehydrated. It wastes time to take a run in the morning and be knocked out for the rest of Sunday.

The only thing I drink is coconut water. For a long time I resisted taking any protein powders or electrolyte drinks because the thought of drinking a powdered supplement seemed so unnatural. Then a friend convinced me that the body is not meant to run long distances like this regularly, and that is unnatural also. It is true, without protein supplements, your muscles will not recover and without an electrolyte drink, water will not rehydrate you.

Vitamin Squeeze approached me to test their new powdered water enhancer first claiming it as an immunity boost to fight off sickness. That's a really hard sell because preventing illness is difficult for a consumer to measure. You can take all the supplements you want and not get sick. Then you thank your lucky stars and just call it a good season. There's no way to truly know the vitamins saved you.

But I did see some potential in Vitamin Squeeze for after-run replenishment. The new Gatorade if you will.
Vitamin Squeeze sent me Acai Grape Pomegranate, Lemonade, and Fruit Punch flavors to test.

This is how the squeeze bottle of Vitamin Squeeze works. I took a series of photos to illustrate one squeeze. Pretty cool huh? The point is to squeeze this into a water bottle, which I also did try but have no photos. One squeeze measures out a portion and then stops and any extra squeezes you make are optional. This is analogous to those attachable nozzles on alcohol bottles that measure exactly one shot.

I made concentrated ice cubes from the lemonade flavor just to experiment with different ways to consume the product. I also put a squeeze into a fruit smoothie, think Jamba Juice energy boost.

Does it work? Probably:
I think it does provide energy and replenishes electrolytes and vitamins because I know the feeling of running 10 miles and trying to rehydrate with only water vs. what I feel when I tried Vitamin Squeeze. So in my unqualified non-scientific opinion, it is probably doing something good because I wasn't as tired for the rest of the day.

How does it taste? As expected:
It tastes powdery. Even when I squeezed into a bottle and shook it up vigorously, some of the powder did not dissolve. I see on their Facebook page that they have developed a new formula to solve this problem so that would be good. Acai Grape Pomegranate was the best of these three flavors. There is no sugar in Vitamin Squeeze but it is very sweet. It tastes like the natural sweetener used in the bottled Tazo Tea with Natural Sweetener I tried recently. Maybe this is the stevia leaf trend coming up right now. It tastes like Sweet N' Low sweetener but is supposed to be made from natural plants and not chemicals. It sure as heck tastes better than Gatorade which has a lot of sugar in it and leaves that gross film in your throat after you drink it. Who knows what I'm talking about? It's the worst feeling after a workout. None of that film happens with Vitamin Squeeze.

I have no issues drinking water daily, eating fruits regularly or even taking vitamin pills, but some people do. And children do. I can see this being very popular for kids by the same token as Kool Aid. Kids love colorful things. They like interactive food. And they will probably go nuts over the squeeze bottle. I mean I'm a grown woman and that squeeze bottle is very fun. I thought my ice cubes and smoothie ideas were pretty clever but some people are squeezing this into their Soda Stream, making popsicles, or even virgin sangria. I think this provides endless possibilities for taking your daily vitamins and it's a good option for the finicky child or adult out there.

Vitamin Squeeze Website
Vitamin Squeeze Facebook


  1. I'm intrigued.... I hate drinking Gatorade during or after workouts, because I agree that it's way too sweet. I do love drinking the blue Powerade, though. Maybe I should give this vitamin squeeze a try!

  2. The lemonade flavor one does a good job with resembling a lemonade for a few sips. I couldn't drink a whole glass, but I can drink half a cup of water with this squeezed in with no issues. It provides me the necessary vitamin D to live on with the light skinned people in the world.

  3. I am inspired by your weekend exercise routine. Great job!



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