Saturday, November 24

Thanksgiving 2012 - Japanese Style

Thanksgiving meal #2 this year was at my house. I served a Japanese themed dinner per my mom's request. Phil bought salmon and tuna sashimi from the Japanese market. There was also wakame salad with chopped tomatoes, tobiko, and basil -- just how we prefer it. Phil and I made California rolls with wakame salad and leftover tobiko. My sister brought over egg rolls. And the main entree was a platter of chicken yakisoba.

I saw this salad at Trader Joe's or Whole Foods a few years back and have been dying to recreate it. Mixed baby greens with thinly sliced green apples, pomegranate seeds, and persimmon slices dressed in Annie's shitake mushroom dressing of course!

Oddly shaped but still delicious CA rolls.

Egg rolls from King Egg Roll.

I also prepared to make ramen which turned out not so good and everyone was too full so I didn't serve it. I boiled pork bones for 9 hours following these directions. The broth was kind of plain and I scooped out the fat pieces which now I think is a mistake. Ramen is tough...oh well a noble first attempt. Will try again next time. 9 hours in vain!!!

Also following directions from the Serious Eats, I made the chashu pork slices that should go on the ramen. It was too sweet and I think I got the wrong cut of pork. Only 3 hours wasted!!! ahhh...Ramen, you bested me!

Regardless of the ramen that wasn't even served, everyone still enjoyed all the food and we were plenty full. No room for the cream puff and watermelons my sister brought for dessert. Now it is time to wind down and prepare for work and school and "real life" again. Oh Thanksgiving break, you are so short. 
Did everyone have a good break? Go anywhere interesting? Please share.

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  1. Mmmm...That salad with the persimmon looks really interesting. Something interesting I made with persimmon were two types of pies, one modeled after an apple pie, and one modeled after a pumpkin pie. My favorite was the one modeled after apple pie, which tasted great with vanilla ice cream. Gotta make it to share with you one of these days!



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