Friday, August 17

Great Vegi Land - Sunnyvale

 Tomorrow I am off to the sun and tropics and drug cartels and gang violence....Yes this sentence sums up my feelings about going to Brazil. It will be fun but I must stay safe. Phil sent me off with a bon voyage meal of my choice, vegetarian food at Great Vegi Land. You know once in a while I crave really light food and I LOVE vegetarian food!

Goodbye delicious Singaporean style vegetarian noodles we had at Great Vegi Land. I will miss your light and silky strands coated in curry powder. Not too oily, not too dry. All for the price of $6.89

 Goodbye twice cooked vegetarian pork in hot and spicy sauce. Your were mild and subtle and not at all pork-like but still very good and packed a good kick of heat. ($9.89)

 Goodbye vegetarian sliced fish in black bean sauce. You were my favorite dish of the night. Tofu seasoned to taste slightly like fish but more like buttery coconutty tofu with a hint of ginger. I am glad I spent $9.89 for you over the sweet and sour chicken which was a dollar cheaper.

 Goodbye persian cucumbers which were doing well up until the last two weeks when its been ridiculously hot and your leaves are browning a little. I hope Phil doesn't kill you. I hope the weather stays a bit cooler. I hope you sprout more leaves.

Goodbye cherry tomatoes. It took you forever to turn from green to red and now I have to eat all of you tomorrow before the flight or else Phil won't care and you will drop to the ground to a neglected rotting death...Also I think you are on your last leg and this will be my only harvest from you because you seem to be very unhappy in our front yard.

Goodbye little green beans, my strongest growers of all. May you sprout more leaves and grow taller. Upon my return, I shall split you off into separate and deeper pots because it looks like 10's a crowd in there.

 Goodbye heirloom tomatoes, I had so much hope but you have shown no progress in the last 2 weeks. Our front yard sun is too harsh and your leaves are yellowing. I hope I have at least some plants to return to.

Goodbye to these guys...

Check out Great Vegi Land on Yelp. It was delicious. $1 or $2 higher than it should be but a satisfying meal nonetheless. 
Check out my class trip to Brazil on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. The first two will be partially updated by me! And of course it is not too late to sponsor, compete in, or spread the news about the business plan competition. We will be checking our email on the trip so please message us.

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