Wednesday, May 2

Papaya Salad

Who doesn't love papaya salad? Not I! I tried my hand at making papaya salad for the first time. Of course I don't have all the ingredients to make a legitimate Thai papaya salad but I gave it a try and you just can't go wrong with crunchy refreshing green papaya.

Green papaya. I tried a variety of shredding methods from using a shredder, mandoline, and the hand hacking method like this.
The texture was uneven because I tried so many methods but I conclude that the shredder is the easiest way so next time I will only use that.

I don't have authentic fermented fish sauce but I tried using shrimp sauce, crab paste, and seasoned fish sauce in one batch. It wasn't ideal but still ok. The winning combo was shrimp sauce and the seasoned fish sauce.

I didn't have a giant mortar and pestle but I used my salad bowl and just punched the salad with the wooden tossers. Not authentic but still delicious. I will update with this recipe again when I can get my hands on some authentic Thai/Laos fermented fish sauce. Yumms.


  1. My mom always says to use the little tomatoes.. Cherry tomatoes? Anyway, I'm more interested in the chicken feet in the picture. How did that turn out?

    1. Cherry tomatoes would've been good but I didn't have any. In Thailand they used Roma tomatoes which is what I used.The chicken feet were home made, my sister made it. They were delicious. Alot of work for so little meat though but it tasted just like restaurant dim sum.



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