Wednesday, May 30

Brodard - The Past Memories - Santa Ana

While in the Santa Ana area this weekend, we had to stop by Brodard for Vietnamese spring rolls. We waited 45 minutes in line to get in but once inside, service was speedy. I've blogged about Brodard before so this will be a quick post to highlight some new items.

Hu tieu kho. This is thicker flat vermicelli, served dry with a side of tomato sauce and broth. At my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in San Jose, they make this dish really well and I was hoping for the same. Sadly, Brodard was a disappointment. Not enough tomato sauce. Wrong noodles. Maybe I just ordered wrong, who knows.

Che Sam Bo Luong - Dessert with sweetened dried medicinal herbs. Sounds gross but its my fave.

Phil's chow mein type dish. 

Banh khot. This is something new we've never had before. Banh khot is like banh xeo dough that's been fried in small half shell shapes stuffed with shrimp and green onions. It is rolled up in some greens and herbs and dipped in fish sauce. Not bad. Tastes just like banh xeo but in a different shape. Too oily though.

We met up with my friend from college, Shawn at The Past Memories, a Korean bar whose name is fitting for reliving past memories with old friends. Phil and I were already stuffed from our Brodard lunch so we just snacked and drank. The food was just ok. The strawberry soju cocktail was nice and sweet. The atmosphere was chill and perfect for small group hangouts. I've been here before and I would go back again.

Brodard on Yelp
Past Memories on Yelp

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