Monday, May 28

Laguna Beach Wedding and Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles - Long Beach

Happy Memorial Day! Phil and I spent the weekend in southern California to attend my college friend's wedding. We kicked off our time in Long Beach with a sexy Flex Fuel white Ford Escape. I really liked this car. It was a decently sized SUV and the white was just so nice. I've never considered a white car before, but when someone else washes and maintains it for you. it's just so shiny...

Phil has long heard of Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles in Long Beach and it was on his must-eat list. I've been before and I had my thoughts on it, mostly that it wasn't for me, but I was willing to give it another chance.

Red Rooster hot sauce tastes so good on the chicken.

($3.25) Lisa's Delight - half lemonade half iced tea. This is an Arnold Palmer. No difference. The lemonade was a bit tangier and the tea a bit sweeter but this could just be Roscoe's preference. I liked the drink anyway.

($10.70) Scoe's 1/4 chicken prepared southern style with 2 waffles. Phil chose the breast and thigh pieces, the largest ones. He was so stuffed after this. I can't tell the difference between southern style and any other fried chicken style but Roscoe's was definitely delicious. Salty and crispy skin with moist and juicy meat inside. Even the breast was moist. That's awesome.  

($7.10) Leg and waffle. My portion was a bit smaller but perfect for me. The waffle is the best part. I normally skip the butter on waffles or pancakes but you HAVE to spread the butter on a Roscoe's waffle. It just won't taste the same. Then you drench the top with maple syrup. Each bite tastes like a piece of cake. mmm yummy. Arguably the best waffle I've had. The last time I went to Roscoe's, the guys in my group dared each other to down the syrup as a shot. Please do not do this, ever. It's just a terrible idea all around.

Stuffed and satisfied! Highly recommend, definitely coming back. We went around 11AM on a Sunday and the wait was not long at all. The food is very heavy and filling so don't order too much. Portions are large.

Roscoe's in Long Beach on Yelp (there are multiple locations in SoCal)

Here are some shots of the lovely ocean view wedding. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. M. I had a great time reconnecting with my college housemates. Apt 76 forever!!!
Chicken skewers

Stuffed mushroom caps

Spinach dip crostini

Buffet style entree: strawberry and mixed greens salad, grilled veggies, angel hair pasta, chicken penne pasta, chicken piccatta, excellent tri-tip slices with BBQ sauce.

Red Velvet cake. This was the suitcase portion of the cake. The figurines were vanilla cake, I think.

His and hers chocolate dipped strawberries

Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend too. What did you do this weekend?

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