Monday, April 16

Winner of the Giveaway

I am pleased to announce that the winner of the OXO 5lb Food Scale is Shawn! See above for how I picked the winner using Congratulations Shawn and thank you to everyone who participated. I hope to be able to give away more freebies in the future.

Portion Control Diet Update:
Phil has been running, doing ab work, and shooting hoops a few days a week. It's really paid off because he lost 3lbs so far! He has definitely been cutting back on the portions although following the eating every 2-3 hours plan hasn't been so easy at work. I'm just glad that he isn't eating one or two very large meals a day and there have been at least 3 regular portion sized meals each day. 

For me, I haven't stepped on the scale because I already started at a good weight and I am not concerning myself with the pounds. I've been getting back into running every weekend. The last few weekends I've been running a little under 4 miles for 2 days a week. I'm starting training for half marathon distance (13 miles). It would be really helpful if I could run every other day but with night classes, so far I run on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday back to back which is not doing so well for my knees. I am really frustrated with my busy schedule. It doesn't allow me to do the things I want when I want. On the positive side, I have become accustomed to eyeballing the correct portion sizes and the meal plans have been easy to keep up with during the work day. Packing a PB&J sandwich for class has been really helpful in keeping me from getting hungry throughout class. Recall that I used to pack salads and then get so hungry I round off the meal with a bunch of cookies. At least I don't do that anymore.

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