Thursday, April 19

Euro Grill - Santa Clara

Recently, I met up with some friends and had a chance to try Mediterranean food at Euro Grill, a new mom and pop restaurant in Santa Clara. Euro Grill is located right near campus at the corner of a residential neighborhood. The building looks like a converted apartment from the outside and the inside is cozy, clean, and bright. The restaurant connects to Euro Market which is a small supermarket owned by the same peolple.

($7.99) Gyro: The portion was huge on this one. I was very happy with my order. I've had a mundane experience with gyros before at a shop in my undergraduate college town. This gyro more than makes up for my lowly opinion of gyros. The portion was huge. The description does not say what type of meat this is. My guess would be well seasoned lamb. The meat was tender and soft. The crunchy but soft on the inside bread held a mix of the meat, tomatoes, greens, onions, and yogurt sauce. This also came with a side of fries. This dish was spectacular and I would love to have it again. I only ate about 1/3 of it (you know, the portion control and all) but Phil and I finished the rest later and it was still good.

($8.99) Sarma: cabbage rolls stuffed with beef and rice, servied with mashed potatoes. I was able to try a piece of my friend's sarma and it was also really lovely. Just as interesting in seasoning and spices. The beef on the inside was soft and I was very surprised that the cabbage leaves held together. I would totally get this next time too.

($8.99) Goulash: lamb and beef stew served with mashed potatoes on the side. Ok so I am disappointed I didn't try either friend's mashed potatoes because they look pretty delicious and creamy in these photos. I also tried a bite of this stew with the house bread and it was excellent. I love the fall off the bone type of texture in stews. Who likes a chewy stew? No one...

Service was attentive and comforting. We were served by a man who seemed like the owner of the restaurant. He had the attitude about him that he seemed to really care about your dining experience, which I attribute to what happens when you are personally invested in the restaurant's well being. The food, well the pictures speak for themselves. Prices were decent. Portions were huge. Taste was even greater. It's always a win in my book when I can eat lamb and not hate it. I have strong suspicions that my gyro had lamb in it and I didn't mind at all. A+, highly recommend.

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  1. Ooo can't wait to try this place for lunch during work. I'm always on the look out for good food in Santa Clara because let's face it, there's not a lot choices. I did discover this awesome cafe in Santa Clara recently that serves sandwiches, salads, and even breakfast. It's good (or really good in Santa Clara standards) and food is always served fresh. It's called Kerry's Kafe and it's located on Orchard St off of Montague Expy. It's located in a business area so it's a little hard to find. I've been going there all the time since discovering it because I want try all the food in the menu.



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