Saturday, January 7

Thailand 2011: Fish Spa

I'm struggling to figure out how to organize my Thailand vacation posts so I've decided to just hit you with random short posts. Usually I take time to group my pictures and recap in chronological order but I'll try to post briefly and frequently instead.

At the Chiang Mai night market, we decided to try the fish spa. The only place I've heard of in the Bay Area that has this is somewhere in Oakland. This was one of my favorite experiences in Thailand. For $4 USD, we soaked our feet in a tank full of guppies(?) for 15 minutes. 

Getting my feet washed before the dip.

 This really tickled. I was shocked at first but slowly got used to the nibbling. It reminds me of how my dog used to nibble my toes when he was a puppy. 

Forced smiles because we were feeling ticklish.

Maybe next time I'll these kinds of spas:


  1. Holy moly! The last picture looks crazy!

  2. I've wondered about these fish spas - I don't know if I'd be able to try it though, I think I'd be too squeamish!

  3. @TP, yes that last picture is crazy but I think the guy just put fish food between his toes. I don't think its a fish spa.

    @BigAppleNosh, It's not too bad. Tickles but that's about it. And your feet do feel soft and smooth afterwards.

  4. I would recommend doing this. My feet felt funky fresh.

  5. It is new for me i never see or hear this type of thing in my life but it quick interesting and unique for newly person. It is not bad but look like a crazy.

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