Saturday, December 24

Thailand 2011 - Dog Days

 Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Eve! I am writing to say that we have safely returned from our honeymoon in Thailand. It was an amazing trip and I can't wait to start recapping for you all. However there is unpacking to do and Christmas and NYE celebrations to come and I caught a cold on my last day in Thailand. My brain feels as congested as my nasal passages so no literary genius is going to spew forth from these fingers. I write just to say that we are well and hope you are too. Have a safe and happy holidays and I leave you with some pictures of doggies in Thailand.

This little guy is from Korea and followed us a good half a block.

Black puppy from a village near Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This shaggy girl and her friend lay around at a temple in Bangkok.

These poor stray dogs roam around an abandoned temple building and are joint at the hip. It was really sad to see that they couldn't go anywhere because it was difficult to maneuver as a duo.

UPDATE: I have just been informed that these dogs were most likely not stuck together at the hip. They probably just mated and are spending the 15-30 minutes post-coitus stuck together at the genitals. How lovely... read for yourself here

Little Chewbacca has an under bite.

Thailand is so hot and this dude's owner keeps him this fluffy.

Somebody knows he's being photographed.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
Disclaimer: Not a dog.

Disclaimer: Also not a dog.

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