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Wedding Recap - The Details

This is the last post before we go on our honeymoon in Thailand! I will be documenting my trip for sure, but my laptop is slow so I won't be blogging. Check my twitter and facebook pages for updates from my trip. See you all after the break!
Here is the last of the wedding recaps. All the lovely details. If you would like me to recap anything else about my wedding, please email me your request at This is still a food blog after all and we're straying far from food and far from San Jose.  All photos by Rock the Image Photography unless specified.
Invites and signage

(personal photo) My friend designed the invites, map cards, and RSVP cards, 2 sets because I had split venues. Then I bought petal folds online and ribbon from Michael's and using adhesive spray glue, assembled the invites you see above. The flowers were also samples from my meeting with the florist.

My friend also designed this Please Use Me signs for the boxes which held the sun umbrellas. I got them printed at Staples and bought the box from Marshalls.

Our guestbook was inspired by coin envelope guestbooks I had seen on I found out that coin envelopes cost more than I wanted so I folded 200 envelopes from origami paper my friend had left from a craft project. Using photo adhesive, I taped them into a scrapbook I already had at home and added pictures from my school winter formal photo booth. Then I cut out white squares from card stock for people to write notes on. The same friend who did the invites designed the guestbook sign, I printed it at Staples, got some happy face stickers at Walmart, and ta-da, very cheap guestbook.

 My florist was great, she made me a toss bouquet from leftover flowers used in everything else for the wedding. But before I knew she would do this, I feared I wouldn't have a toss bouquet so I bought a bunch of one of my favorite tulips and tied them together with some orange ribbon. They ended up brightening the girl's hotel room as we did our hair and makeup. I'm glad RTI snapped this pic.

 Bridesmaid bouquets were made from coral roses. I originally wanted coral dresses and peony flowers but I couldn't find the perfect coral dress and peonies are pricey as F*ck! So my florist suggested that I go with all rose everything because they come in so many colors and are available year round. I like how everything turned out. The bouquets popped against the light dresses.

 In the middle is the toss bouquet which is made from leftovers of various flowers used throughout the day. See if you can spot how they're used later. There are also 2 bags of coral rose petals which were no doubt discarded from the bridesmaid bouquets. I admire that the florist didn't waste anything and gave me extras I didn't intend to have.

A bride and her maids.

 Groomsmen's matching coral rose boutonnieres.

The groom with his rose and ranunculous boutonniere.

If I had the budget, I'd have a bouquet full of dahlias, peonies, and ranunculous in peach. But at least I have ranunculous in my bouquet and it's a full round shape like I wanted. I still love it.

This thing was heavy!

HMB Golf Links had rolled out astroturf on their greens to protect the lawn from heels. They set up 140 white chairs and we brought the altar pieces, silk pomanders, and sprinkled flower petals on the aisle.

You can see that one of the guests has the pink sun umbrellas I put out. It wasn't sunny so people mainly used it as photo props and took them home as favors.

Close up of the altar pieces. My original inspiration photo is very different from this but it was from an indoor venue. Budget and wind caused me to change to heavier, lower vases with a wider base. Also, I couldn't afford to fill it up with all calla lilies so in came some hydrangeas and orchids.

The golf course is lined with this spectacular beach view.

I'm a little bummed that our color scheme strayed farther from peach/coral than I liked but at least all together the separate elements meshed well. This is actually a coral overlay over white linen.

My original idea was bright orchids submerged in tall skinny vases but for budget reasons, here's what I worked out with the florist. We had 3 different types of centerpieces. This is a vase of hydrangeas and curly willows. Table numbers were also designed by my friend and had pictures on one side, and a city Phil and I had traveled to, a table number, and the city's significance on the other side. As you can see, I ate a chocolate covered cricket in San Luis Obispo.

Another type centerpiece was the tall cylindrical vase with submerged orchids and crystal strands. Next to it is third type of centerpiece. Fake white tree branches with crystals and orchids attached. This was the most budget friendly one because the trees were reusable and not as many fresh flowers were ordered for it.


I bought Phil this $1.50 eye mask from Ross to use as a playful blindfold for our first look. It was a toss up between Diva or Princess.

The bridal party got to roll away on impeccably lined up golf carts to take our bridal party portraits. The HMB Golf Links staff was so awesome. They have weddings down to a tee (pun intended). These were lined up and ready after we finished our post-ceremony mingling and our bridal party made a grand exit in them. If the scenery suits your needs and you don't mind the chance of foggy weather in Half Moon Bay, I really recommend the staff here. We got great, attentive, professional service from beginning to end and lining up 5 golf carts for you is an example of this service.

The sun umbrellas in action.

(personal photo from a relative) The same friend who designed the invites also designed these cool bachelorette tees. We didn't have them in time for the bachelorette party but we rocked these at the rehearsal dinner. Tees were $7 from Banana Republic. I tried to have as few words as possible put on them so the girls can wear it again if they want. The fronts are blank.

My favorite detail of the whole wedding is this little red heart I sewed onto Phil's tie. Read about my inspiration here.

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