Monday, August 1

About My Wedding - What Makes Life So Sweet

I am sitting down to draft my vows for the big day and who would think it so hard to speak nice words about the one you love, but it is. Maybe because words aren't enough. If the vows were an essay, the prompt would be, "Why do you want to marry this person?" I'm at a writer's block so I need to dissect this down, Why do I want to marry, period.

Weddings are a celebration of love; without love, there would be no point to wed; but if love is enough, why do we bother with the formalities of a wedding? I enjoy planning events and gatherings for my friends and at first, the wedding was just another one of these things. I navigated through with ease and efficiency. I had one thing on my mind, make it look like a million bucks but only spend $100, $10 if I could. I wanted nice things but overall, could care less who designed my dress and shoes, or what my color scheme was. I was determined not to be consumed by wedding madness like many brides who were overwhelmed by it. But then I read this weddingbee blog entry, and it changed my entire perception of our wedding. It's so beautifully written, you should definitely read for yourself here.

She speaks true words, that Mrs. Prairie Dog, she does. She made me realize that I need to care more about my wedding. It is really not a day about us, it is a day for the guests. Old friends need a place to create new memories; relatives need a reason to reunite; coworkers need a place outside of work to hang out; and new friends need a chance to meet. This is the reason why I plan camping trips and beach trips and birthday BBQ's. Phil and I shy away from having the spotlight on us but if we must be the reason that brings people together, then we will damn well get in that spotlight. This really is the whole point of celebration; that it refuels us with love and positivity to deal with the inevitable pitfalls of life.

This wedding will never come again. Even if there are vow renewals or second marriages, THIS EXACT wedding will never come again. And that's why it's kind of a big deal...

 *photo from KG*


  1. Ngoc, you both looked fantastic. Congrulations! :)

  2. ooh heart this post. i read it twice. :) your wedding was lovely and so were you (and I guess Phil. haha i kid).

  3. "this—is why we wed. Because life is hard, sometimes very hard, and you need someone who writes your pain medication schedule down on lined notebook paper. Because remembering celebrated highs can, somehow, help carry you through the lows. Because when you pull over on the side of the proverbial road and throw on your hazards, you want to close your eyes and see the place where so many points of happiness converged... it doesn’t matter if your hair falls flat on your wedding day, or whether it rains or the DJ plays all the wrong songs, [OR you put Shawn at the co-workers table with his seat-back to the stage, OR there was no chili dipping sauce, OR 'someone' tried calling you after the reception looking for the after-party (sorry)...] It just matters that you’re there."
    Thank you Ngoc.



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