Sunday, January 2

Vietnamese Christmas

I'm starting to really look forward to holiday dinners at my house, especially if it's potluck style and served buffet style. Christmas almost but not quite trumped Vietnamese Thanksgiving this year and this conclusion was only based upon the fullness of my stomach. My sister made most of the food this year, and from scratch too.

Garlic bread made with homemade garlic spread

Philipino pancet noodles

Spinach casserole. This wasn't such a big hit.

Crispy, crunchy, garlic green beans. This was my fave. So simple but so delicious.

prime rib

gravy on top, au jus on bottom

more arctic surf clams again, YESSSS!!!!

mixed clam ceviche (except it's cooked) on left, on right - boiled and seasoned chicken to go with the porridge

porridge with mysterious but good things in it

how to eat arctic surf clams: nori wrapper, clams, green onions, roll and dip in wasabi/soy sauce mix

 and a taro cake for mom and dad's birthdays. and also a confused dog who doesn't know that we just want him to pose and look cute with the cake.

Happy end of the Holidays! I hope you all had a great holiday season and are ready to get back to work, school, or life in general.


  1. mm garlic green beans and spinach casserole (even though you said it wasn't great, but i love spinach). i will also miss those arctic surf clams. :)

  2. merry vietnamese christmas! i'm intrigued by the arctic surf clams and purple taro cake :-)



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