Monday, January 24

The Shack - Hawaii

Hello all,

Phil again. Back from Hawaii after a nice trip with some HS friends. On the first day to Hawaii, we arrived around noon, but didn't get settled in till close to 3pm. At that time, we were hungry, looking for something to eat, the Hotel Concierge pointed us to "The Shack"

As you can tell, we made it to "The Shack"

Here's the group walking to our seats, we were one of the only people there, but of course we were there at 3pm might play a part in it. We would end up coming back here a few nights later to drink......good times, maybe pics to be posted?

The first of two dishes I ordered. This was their lunch special. Chicken Katsu and Teriyaki beef with two scoops of rice and a scoop of Mac salad for $10. Very good deal quantity-wise, but the chicken katsu was overcooked. The Teriyaki beef was real good though.

I got duped into this shit. Their supposed "famous" curly fries. Their description on their website "A HEAPING HELPING OF OUR FAMOUS CURLY FRIES." I would have preferred Jack in the Box's curly fries. These were dry and had no flavor. It was happy hour so I only had to pay half of $5.25 for this. For those with math problems, that is $2.625 for this appetizers. Yess, pennies can be split.

Anyways, those are the pics from our first meal. No pics of the drinks we had, but we had this tequilla called "hella grosso." Not too shabby at all, I don't have those pics with me though.
I'm glad I wasn't the only girl to bring a camera to the trip, I should have more pics soon.


  1. Boo on the disappointing curly fries. I love Hawaiian mac salad though!

  2. hm those fries weren't a heaping helping at all. Hella grosso, hella funny. good jobo!

  3. omg, you're the FOURTH person i know who's recently been to hawaii SO SO jealous, hope you had an awesome time!!



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