Monday, January 31

Giovanni's Shrimp Truck - Hawaii

Before heading to Hawaii, many people around me suggested a visit to a "supposed" famous shrimp truck near North Beach. This shrimp truck is called Giovanni's.

Literally a truck on the side of the road with a lot of markings on it. I wish I had a pen, I would have written "I like boobs."

Closer look at the side of the truck. Surprisingly, no drawn pictures of weiners or boobs to be seen.

Procedure is, you order in the right window and they serve you in the left window. Each side was probably 20-30 people deep.

When we first arrived, we were all the way at the end of the area.

Getting closer to the truck, I start to decide what to have. They have three options, scampi, hot & spicey, & lemon butter. The scampi is considered the "known dish."

After ordering, there was a 20-30 minute wait to get the food, so Sara was messing around with my camera. Random fact, I forgot to pack all my shirts for Hawaii. Hawaii is probably the only place you can get away with 2 t-shirts(I had to buy one to juss mix it up)

Finally!!! The famous garlic shrimp scampi(and I thought scampi meant pasta).

The full plate. This was $13. You get 12 shrimps and two scoops of rice. Each order they take, they make individually so that explains the delay, but the wait is totally worth it. The mixture of garlic, lemon, oil and whatever else they have is perfectly mixed with the shrimp. The sauce also gave the rice a lot of flavor as well.

Overall, this shrimp is awesome. I would definitely recommend a visit to this truck at least once if you go to Hawaii. The flavor of this shrimp is something I'll remember. I would like to say this was the best flavored shrimp I've ever tasted.
I would yelp it a 5 if I wasn't lazy. Yes, there is a long wait, but there's a good reason.


  1. mm the scampi looks yummy. and I see, your camera has sepia options. Shall try one day

  2. I love that place...every time I go to the North Shore, I always stop in. I just hate waiting!!!!



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