Wednesday, October 20

Ooey Gooey - My first time trying Geoduck

 Thanks to my brother and his girlfriend, the other night our family got to taste geoduck for the first time. Pronounced "gooey duck" according to wikipedia. They are a large type of clam found buried in the sand and look a little something like this:

 Allow me to spell it out for the less imaginative folk:
Tee hee!

Because it takes a "little" digging to get these clams, they can be pricey but we treated ourselves to a few for the first time. I only know that it's not cheap but I don't know the exact cost.

This is a plate of about 5 geoducks. Only the top part was used. See 2 pictures above, it's the flacid part. Tee hee! They are sliced into thin cross sections and garnished with slices of green onion. To eat it, you put some geoduck slices and green onion into a thin slice of nori, roll it up and dip in soy sauce with wasabi. Yums! It tastes fresh and sweet. Actually it tastes exactly like a clam and I was able to make this comparison because of my cherrystone clam experience at Neptune's in Boston.

The other part of our meal included a seafood boil with crab and shrimp. I think it's New Orlean's style but I'm not sure. Also super yummy.

Later in the night I had a slice of ripe dragon fruit to end the meal. Ah, I wish every dinner was this good! 
Have you ever had geoduck? How was it prepared and did you like it?

Thanks to BN and KN for an interesting dinner.

Most of the information I found on geoduck was on this website. The first two pictures were found via google image search.


  1. oooh yum! i love that stuff and i didnt even know it was called gooeyduck.

  2. wow! Where did they find the dragon fruit! It's my fave tropical fruit to eat in Vietnam!

  3. My mom got it somewhere. I'm sure one of the local Asian stores in our area.

  4. @BigAppleNosh, and you should. It's delicious. Sashimi lovers would like this.



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