Sunday, October 24

Cherimoya - Burlingame

 We noticed the Quickly's in downtown Burlingame had closed and was replaced by a Vietnamese cafe. Always on the lookout to support my people and satisfy my milk tea cravings, I had to give Cherimoya a chance.

Cherimoya is the name of this fruit. It looks and tastes similar to a soursop but to some of you, that was the same as defining poop with poo.

The cafe was mainly a to-go establishment with only one table indoors and 2 outside. 

 (Left) $3.75 Mango smoothie, (right) $2.29 milk black tea. Mango smoothie: probably made of a powder or frozen form of mango and not bad but not flavorful and must have contained a larger portion of ingredients other than mango. Milk black tea: tastes mostly like tea which is a bit too dark for me. It was definitely not sweet enough. We were only in the mood for drinks so this review of Cherimoya is only based on these two drinks.
The only good thing that came out of this was that for once, my item cost less than Phil's. WIN FOR ME!

Cherimoya on Yelp - wow this place got 4 stars? Maybe I should reconsider, but nah, I like to go against the grain. I stick to my assessment.

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