Sunday, August 29

Tofoo Com Chay - San Jose

Every now and then, I get a hankering for some vegetarian food and then I hit up my friend yelp for new suggestions because a good vegetarian place comes few and far in between. My previous experience at Happy Bamboo was good but I'm always looking out for new things, just like finding a good song on the radio but continuing to surf for an even better song.

Some time ago, my friend wanted to have her birthday lunch at ToFoo Com Chay in downtown San Jose but somehow, I was not able to go. I figured now is as good a time as ever to try. They serve Asian style vegetarian food mostly for take out but you can also sit down.

Roti Drumsticks - tofu based fake chicken molded around a sugar cane stick. This looked promising.

Fake fish served with a pineapple sauce. This also looked promising.

Here's my 3 item rice plate for $5. I got white rice, pineapple fish, Roti drumsticks, and fried tofu pieces which I couldn't photograph because I ordered the last spoonful they had.

Roti Drumsticks: not as good as it looked. Not too flavorful and would have tasted better if it was warmer.
Fake fish: very good. I always love vegetarian fake fish. Happy Bamboo is still better though.
Fried Tofu Pieces: the best item on this plate. I don't know what they season the tofu with but it was crispy and the sauce was excellent.

Phil's fake BBQ pork sandwich. This was pretty bland and cold. Poor guy was disappointed and he's rarely disappointed by food.


Pricing: $5 for a 3 item + rice plate is a good deal I'd say. Forgot how much the sandwich costs.

This wasn't a total miss, but I have a few words for Tofoo Com Chay and one of them is HEAT. There's no meat in vegetarian food so having super hot food is not essential, but this fact should not be taken for granted either. Some items had alot of potential but fizzled because they had been sitting out, specifically the roti drumsticks, the pineapple fish, and the pork in the sandwich. Our server was very nice and chatted with customers about his business and ways to improve it. The sandwich itself needed sauce or a spread to add that extra oomph. Based on the two vegetarian reviews I've done so far, Tofoo Com Chay comes in second after Happy Bamboo.


  1. It just doesn't look right... not natural. By the way, is that supposed to be healthy? Deep-fried? One day, they're gonna come up with Tofu-flavored Tofu-substitute. I'll be waiting for your review.

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  3. The chickenless chicken wings there are hella good! I swear.. no lie!



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