Wednesday, August 18

Tomales Bay Oyster Company

You know how I love oysters right? Well if you didn't know, now you know. Thanks to VS's planning, we went to an oyster farm the other week, the best kind of farm there is. From the above board, we ordered 1 bag of 50 medium oysters, and 1 bag of 50 extra small oysters. The total was $83 for 100 oysters and no food poisoning. yay!!! I was very curious about trying the Manila clams raw but too bad they sold out.

At Tomales Bay, people bring their own food and drinks to the picnic tables and buy fresh oysters by the bag. Here's a view of the picnic tables by the water. Judging from this photo, Asian people must love oysters.

1 bag of 50 count medium sized oysters, coming right up!

1 excited boyfriend, 1 medium oyster, 1 overpriced oyster shucker ($15) because the flathead screwdrivers we brought from home turned out to be inefficient, and 1 bloody finger later....

...we have a plate of delicious fresh raw oysters. I think these are actually the extra smalls but just imagine a bigger version for the mediums. Mediums are salty and juicy, extra smalls are sweeter.

We also had white wine and beer, carrots, cauliflower, bread and garlic hummus to dip them all in. Not pictured are the grapes. At first I thought we didn't have enough food for our 4 person picnic but 100 oysters is alot! Yummy yummy in my tummy tummy.

Afterwards we took a short stroll along the bay and enjoyed the beautiful scenery whilst digestion our lunch.

Champion oyster eaters!

Pricing: This works out to about 96c per oyster for the mediums and 70c for the extra smalls. For the mediums, you would find a cheaper deal at Asian markets for 50c each but the quality is questionable and I would not eat it raw. For the extra smalls, you get them at restaurants for $1.50-$2 each. So I would say this is a better deal. In general, making a meal of oysters is expensive.

Though I have heard of oyster farms before, they have not been on my radar and I don't know why since we love oysters. A huge thanks goes out to VS and theRN for planning this trip. I had a blast. I recommend all oyster lovers to congregate here. Mix and mingle with other enthusiasts of this aphrodisiac. Since we were noobs at this, next time we will improve upon the following, and you should too:
  • bring more people
  • bring more real food and grilling food
  • buy a cheaper oyster shucker elsewhere and bring it
  • premake some oyster shooter toppings other than lime and tapatio, which are good classics but I'm a variety kind of gal


  1. I've heard of this place! I sooooo want to try it - looks delish and a good deal! :)

  2. That's so cool that you've heard of Tomales Bay from NY. It must have quite a reputation.



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