Sunday, August 22

Wedding at Hyatt Resort in Huntington Beach

We recently went to a beautiful wedding in southern California  and I wanted to share some pictures because weddings are fun and who doesn't love a big picture post. I'm not going to review anything so just enjoy all the eye candy coming at you.

We stayed at a Marriott in Oxnard, CA the first night. This place was one of the best hotel suites we've had.

It was a kitchenette suite and as I've said before, this can be a big money saver. In our case, we were running short on time so we ordered dinner to go from Capriccio.

Phil's family members stayed in the adjoining suite and this was the first time I ever got to open the adjoining door in a hotel without scaring off strangers.

Fireplace that no one used.

The next day, we moved a little further south to the Courtyard Marriott in Irvine.

The new Mr. and Mrs. had their ceremony at the Hyatt Resort in Huntington Beach.

The ceremony took place with the US Surf Competition as their back drop.

Here they are! Hawaiin style wedding. I love it!

We posed in front of the tremendous fountain in the courtyard after the ceremony.

Cocktail hour.

Mini ahi tuna topped with caviar. This was so yummy!

The centerpiece at our table was lovely. Other tables had different ones.

The bride tossed this bouquet. Congratulations to the lucky gal who caught it and good luck to her man.

The beautiful cake.

Wedge salad appetizer with a side of anchovy and bread.

Each guest had the chicken (left) and a choice of shrimp or fish (right) with veggies (background).

I chose shrimp.

Phil's fish with capers.


Dessert was a mango sorbet with fresh fruit toppings.

I can't make out what kind of cake this was but it was moist and delicious.

Each table had a Hawaiin name and a picture of the couple.
Beautiful wedding. I had a great time. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Capriccio on Yelp (I didn't get to review them because we took to go, ate in a hurry and didn't take pictures. But trust me, they make a mean creamy pasta and seafood pasta dish)


  1. Looks like a beautiful and yummy wedding!

  2. Just found your blog. You make me drool with all the yummy looking food! I would love to visit California one day.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Nelah!



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