Tuesday, March 9

Beer Tasting and Sushi Night

The other night, we hosted a beer tasting and dinner. It's basically a BYOB potluck, except everyone was to bring beers that were uncommon and different.You should get accustomed to seeing more at home events and cheaper meals because 2010 is a year for saving!

Chef Philip made his (self proclaimed) infamous spam musubi.

And I had him add omelet to my roll which made it awesomer!

Taco meat, pico de gallo, lettuce, and taco shells heating up in the oven by VS and RN (you know who you are, I'm protecting your names from the stalkers of the net).
Chips and salsa and guacamole purchased by yours truly.
Brownies by SC and JH not pictured but delicious.

Out of all these, Asahi was #1, Orion #2, Raspberry Ale wasn't bad, Pyramid Hef is probably what I'll still order at the bar. Chimay is spicy. Hofbrau is terrible.

Then the guys decided to have a boat race with Pyramid Hef. Here they are lined up at the start.

Yep, these guys. This is before the racing of the boats. and Phil needs a hair cut because his hair looks like a soft fuzzy helmet.

 So there you have it folks, the ingredients to host your own beer tasting potluck: people, beers, food.

Phil's House on Yelp (just kidding. It's my yelp page. Please visit and add me as a friend.)

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  1. Notice the spam masubi was all gone by the end of the night?



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