Sunday, December 27

Wine Cellar - Los Gatos

I know it's unheard of but I was without camera at a meal. OMGEE. So I used my camera phone. Excuse the 2 megapixel quality. I went with some work people to Wine Cellar in Los Gatos for lunch before our holiday break.

The decor of Wine Cellar has a very luxurious feel. It's like I went to Tuscany and back! Cool points for the restaurant actually being located underground, like a real wine cellar. This decor would go great with Hotel De Anza or the Pruneyard Plaza Hotel, a shameless plug for two hotels with which I'm kinda sorta but not quite affilitated. We scored a cushy booth with an encompassing view of the restaurant.

Chicken Piccata is one of my favorite dishes and when I see it on the menu, I will usually order it. Can't resist capers. Their chicken piccata was served with an assortment of wild rice, mushrooms, and broccoli. This has been by far one of the best chicken piccatas I have ever had. I haven't had too many so that doesn't say much but I assure you that in my lifetime, I will be eating alot of chicken piccata. See me in a few years when my pallette for chicken piccata will be broadened and refined.

Now, I can't speak for everyone else at the table but they all seemed to enjoy their lunches. I would say Wine Cellar is one of the better bangs... for your buck. It gives the air of fancy and sophisticated with the prices of Cheesecake Factory (maybe a few dollars more). Take your SO to an anniversary dinner here and you too may get a bang for your buck.

Wine Cellar on Yelp

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