Thursday, December 24

Straits Santana Row - Rosie McCann's - San Jose

For the second night in a row, I was back at the Row, the Santana Row. With these gals this time for our Christmas dinner. We went to Straits, Singaporean fusion and it was straight up bad. Saturday night at the Row during holiday time wasn't as crowded as I imagined so we parked and got seated quickly. I don't think many Asian people expect Asian fusion to taste very good, but we would also appreciate if it didn't taste very bad.

This Roti Prata was pretty good. So +1 for Straits. My dinner mates liked the curry alot. I hate to be the dissenting opinion but the curry was kinda salty. Not too bad but there have been better.

I don't remember what I thought about the calamari. Nuff said. The red sauce tasted like ketchup, which is considered cheating in the game of life.

[picture of Mee Goreng Street Noodles]
I forgot to take pictures of the noodles we shared. The portion was small, the noodle was too sour, and when it was not sour it was bland. You know Mee Goreng, the instant noodle? Comes in a package like this one:

That stuff is the bestest ever! WTF happened, Straits? Isn't the fresh version supposed to be better than the instant? FAIL...

[picture of Spicy Basil Chicken]
I think that's what we had. Man, this is why I take pictures. Umm, small portion, not very memorable, needed to be paired with rice.

Mango Mojito in the foreground, fruit infused sake in the background. That mango mojito was the best I've ever had. That sake, not so much.

And that is why the girls decided to order fruit mojitos also. We got a pomegranate to the left and a strawberry to the right.

Overall, I left Straits feeling unsatisfied and very hungry. I had to stop over by the bakery next door and buy myself a croissant. Which still wasn't enough so I ate the banana I had in my purse. That still wasn't enough so I ate something when I got home. But at least the ambience was nice, minus the slippery floor, and my drink was good. Straits may have lost in this review, but no one was a winner here, particularly my stomach.

We went to Rosie McCann's after dinner and had us some drinks and dancing. Rosie's is cool. I won't be reviewing many night clubs and dance venues because that is not my forte. But I guess you can expect the usual drinking, dancing, sweating, bumping and grinding.

Straits Restaurant on Yelp
Rosie McCann's Irish Pub on Yelp

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