Sunday, November 15

HAN SUNG BBQ - Santa Clara

There are times when you just don't want to listen to Yelp. Saturday night was one of those times. Han Sung BBQ in Santa Clara (yeah, I kinda count this as San Jose) is not one of the highest rated Korean restaurants on yelp. But people go back to certain places out of convenience, tradition, and just plain habit. Han Sung is one of my habits. (Oh what a Han Sung man!)
Han Sung is on El Camino, which has to be San Jose's answer to Korea Town if there was one. El Camino is like the longest road ever and it transitions from Santa Clara University to Korean restaurants, karaoke bars, BBQ places, Soju bars, etc etc. So many neon signs, so many lines and circles...

They give you alot of food and most/all of it is delicious. Just try not to look towards the kitchen or the drink stand where the waitresses are preparing your drinks and you'll be fine. Sometimes what you don't know about questionable hygiene won't hurt you. And if you happen to find a piece of half bitten kimchi in your side dishes, just eat around it. =P

Han Sung on Yelp

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