Saturday, November 14

Crema Coffee Roasting Company - San Jose

I'll kick off this blog by introducing one of my recent study spots - Crema Coffee Roasting Company. I hear it's owned by an Asian couple and this must be true because they have Thai Tea and Vietnamese coffee on the menu.

The hot Thai Tea is pretty good. But let's just say I had a date with the toilet that night and I won't be ordering the Thai Tea anymore. Crema is the mecca of late night studying. Located fairly close to San Jose State University and Santa Clara University, it's no wonder most patrons are college students or groups of scholarly looking older men. Might that be your professor chatting with his colleague? perhaps, perhaps. Free wifi code with purchase, open til 10:30pm, plenty of seating and electrical outlets for your laptop.

In an accidental continuation of my Spill Your Beans interview series, I took this short clip of Clare at Crema on my phone.

Crema on Yelp

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