Monday, October 3

DoorDash is Delivering from The Bywater

Earlier this year, I was very impressed with the fried chicken from The Bywater in Los Gatos when I had a chance to review it for Metroactive. Last week, DoorDash gave me a chance to try The Bywater's fried chicken which is a new offering for their service. The food and delivery were complimentary to me and these opinions are my own.

I chose a weekday delivery around 6:30-7PM. The delivery was prompt (early actually) and everything went smoothly. The chicken arrived still hot and crispy even though I live a bit farther from the restaurant. Here is about half the portion after plating.

The chicken was put in a reusable plastic container. Two large breast pieces. They were juicy inside, crispy and crunchy on the outside. I was very impressed with how this held up during delivery and pleasantly reminded of when I had it in store. You can order it for $22 in the store but it only comes with a small cup of butter beans. On DoorDash, for $28, you get it with red beans and rice. This came out to two portions for me, or maybe slightly over one portion for someone with a larger appetite.

The red beans and rice were served in this container. It's a heavier portion of red beans and sausages with smaller portion of rice. If you want, to split this into two portions, you can cook up more rice. But like I said before, everything served as it is delivered is already filling.

Everything tastes as it did in store which is great. I'm impressed with how hot the food stayed, and how crispy the chicken was. From order to delivery, everything went smoothly. There is currently only one entree and one drink available from The Bywater on Doordash right now. To check if your address is within the delivery zone, check out the DoorDash website. They aim for a radius of a 15-20 minute drive.


  1. It is good to know that you enjoyed what you were looking for. It is really an art to deliver the chicken in its desirable form at the time of delivery. I wish good luck to doordash.



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