Friday, July 15

Inchins Bamboo Garden - San Jose

Indian Chinese food is not a category I see often here. It sounds like a good pairing as both cultures use spices and sauces throughout many of their dishes. Earlier this month, a new Indo-Chinese restaurant called Inchin's Bamboo Garden opened in San Jose, and I was excited to join their Media Preview dinner. The location is on the ground floor of the River Oaks Place apartment/condo complex on North First Street. It's very spacious and beautifully decorated with Asian influenced decor. I can see this place being good for happy hour and business dinners due to its location near big companies.

Here are a few highlights from my meal at Inchin's Bamboo Garden. The media dinner was complimentary so I won't be posting prices. You can see their menu here.

Shanghai Silk - vanilla vodka, half & half, cake crumble rim, served with passion fruit jelly

I started the evening with a wonderful cocktail. It was sweet and had a cake crumble rim. I highly recommend you ask for this drink if you like sweet, dessert type of drinks.

Vegetarian burnt garlic rice
My favorite food item of the night was the garlic rice. The bits of burnt garlic added great flavor to the basmati rice.

Shrimp pepper salt
The fried shrimp battered in a peppery coating was very satisfying with the garlic rice.

Lamb szechwan dumplings
I enjoyed the lamb meat inside and its seasonings. I don't see lamb dumplings often either.

Chili mustard paneer
This dish had paneer cheese slices with a chili mustard sauce. It's more mustardy than spicy.

Mongolian beef
The sauce on these thin slices of beef was more sweet since it had caramel. It also goes well with rice.

Thai basil chicken
Breaded and fried chicken pieces on a bed of fried basil

Szechwan fish
The Szechwan fish was more filling and than the other dishes. I think the fish here was also breaded and fried.
Darsaan with ice cream
The fried wonton noodle strips with sesame seed and honey went well with the vanilla ice cream. I enjoyed this dessert.

Date wontons with ice cream
This dessert was also in a similar vein as the dessert above except with dates inside wonton wrappers.

We also received goodie bags at the end of the night which had a package of noodles and Asian flavored drinks.

If you work near North First Street, Inchin's would be a good place to go to after work. The ambiance is just right for a gathering with coworkers. Lots of space and a good bar program to facilitate mingling. There is also another location in Sunnyvale too.

55 River Oaks Place, #70 
San Jose, CA 95134

Tel: 408-471-3322

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