Saturday, July 11

Cha Cha Cha Cuba Part 2 - San Mateo

I had the pleasure of eating at Cha Cha Cha Cuba again recently. Since you all know I love the food here, I shan't waste my time with a review. Just enjoy more eye candy of great tapas with great friends.

mm a FEAST and 4 pitchers of sangria.

2 platters of shrimp and sauce and bread

fried plantains with a bean dip. meh...I could do without these.

plantains prepared differently with a slightly different bean sauce. I dig these plantains more but still not lovin the sauce.

When I think of Cha3, I think of "the shrimp and sauce", but many others think of "the potatoes." These are "the potatoes." Seasoned potato chunks with some sort of delicious yellow sauce.

and helloo, my new favorite item, the chicken enchilada? quesadilla? taco? I don't know my wrapped food names but the chicken inside was excellente!

Fried yuca root with unknown sauce that I didn't like. By itself the root tastes plain (although still good) but I didn't like the sauce. I would totally eat this with the shrimp sauce.

the mushrooms. mmm this was super good. I like how I don't know how to describe many of these dishes and just add "the" to the beginning of everything.

I didn't get to try this rice. No comments.

the paella was just as good as before

Spinach salad with cotija cheese

delicious calamari and tartar sauce. Alot of the pictures were overexposed (my usual problem with dark lighting) so I've been experimenting with touching them up afterward. Hence, the yellowish tones. Oh wells, I'm still a photo-noob.

Hope you enjoyed the visual stimulation. Cha3 Cuba on Yelp again for those who forgot.

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