Friday, June 17

Colin's First Birthday Party - Piyo Piyo Theme

Our little bear turned 1 last month and we had a fun party for him.
The theme was Piyo Piyo, the cute yellow duck from the scissors we use to trim his nails. They're such a life saver. I was terrible at clipping his nails until we got these scissors.
We suggested guests wear yellow to fit the theme. Colin had a special outfit but it was a few sizes too small so he was camel toeing at the diaper pretty obviously. I changed him into a Warriors shirt for comfort.

We had some toys around the house for the kiddos.

Like this inflatable duck that's actually a baby bath. I can't imagine anyone giving their baby a bath in this. It makes a much better pool toy.

The kids didn't seem to care about the other activities. This ball pit was unanimously the most popular thing. We ordered it on Amazon but it doesn't come with balls so we had to order two separate bags of balls. 800 balls is a good amount for this size. This ball pit is still in our living room and we all play with it everyday.

Vietnamese food catering (not pictured) was from our fave caterer in San Jose, Cha Ca Long Phung
The cake is a passion fruit flavored cake from Whole Foods, not special order, picked up the same day. I prefer not to have passion fruit but it was the only cake that was all white.
Large macaron cookie lettering, Piyo figurine, and small Piyo macaron cookies were by MacAhhRun in San Jose.

The ducks are from this bath set we bought for him. He uses the little babies in the bath and the big mommy as a squeaky toy.

Picked up a dozen assorted Sprinkles cupcakes. I'm too cheap to buy enough to have one letter per cupcake so this was my solution. Like that solo Y?

I haz all da sugarz!

Colin received the Piyo feeding set as a gift from his grandma which we are very excited to use when he's ready.

And a big thanks to Piyo Piyo USA for gifting him the hair brush and rattle.

Yesterday was Piyo Piyo's 25th anniversary! Happy birthday Piyo!

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