Tuesday, May 31

Memorial Day Weekend 2016 - South Lake Tahoe

We spent Memorial Day weekend in South Lake Tahoe with a group of friends in an AirBnB with a pool table, fooseball table, jacuzzi, and a backyard grill. After braving 7 hours of traffic with dog and baby in tow, we got to the house at around 9PM.

Lake Tahoe's water is always cold as it's melted snow. But we tried anyway and came to Kiva Dog Beach in our swim suits. The water was freezing and only the dog played around up to his belly. Luckily the park offers a scenic stroll and our trip was still relaxing.

Crab cake eggs benedict and crispy duck salad at Artemis Lakefront Cafe then back home for a baby nap. Our friends arrived shortly after and we grilled up some grass fed steaks while catching the Warriors vs. Thunder game 6. Woot!

Video blog recap of Day 1.

The next day, our group hiked the trail at Van Sickle Bi-State Park. We got as far as the waterfall and turned back because it was hot and I was worried the baby and dog would be tired. It was still a good hike and I highly recommend it. Entrance and parking is free.

Had a decent lunch at Lucky Beaver.

Then the really fun stuff started. We went fishing at Tahoe Trout Farm. It's free to enter and get the pole and bait. You just pay for the size of the fish. You can't toss any back but you can donate it to feed baby bears.

Phil caught 2. A few other friends caught 5 more. We donated 1 and took the 6 home. They clean it for $1 each + tip.

Back at the house, we had a fish cook off and the Fish and Chips won! Everything was tasty. A great time was had by all!

Here's the video summary of day 2 with fishing action.

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